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Electric vehicles have been around a long time but are quickly gaining speed in the automotive industry. Learn how the long-coming and inevitable shift to electric impacts you.

Ford Mach e shown driving by a lake with mountains in the background.
Want a High-Performance Car? Think EV
An illustration showing EV front and rear trunks plus the extra interior space they typically hold.
EVs are Roomier and Here's Why
Brandless generic car driving forest road with forest blurred in background
EV Lifespan: Do They Last as Long as Gasoline Cars?
An illustrated history of electric cars from 1828 to today.
Electric Vehicles: A Short History Lesson
An illustration of the various types of EVs with explanations of how they differ from one another.
EV (BEV) vs PHEV vs FCEV vs Hybrid: What's the Difference?
An example of an express lane in California that EVs can use free.
Parking and HOV Lanes: The Secret Perks of EV Ownership
Illustration of gas vs EV cars in a race with the EV winning.
EVs Perform Better Than Gasoline Vehicles and Here's Why
An electric vehicle in a repair shop.
Why Converting a Car to an EV Deserves a Tax Credit
Illustration of how slowing an EV actually converts energy to feed back into the battery.
How Does Regenerative Braking Work?
Key lying next to car tags and question marks in a creative layout.
43 Most Common EV Questions Answered
Electric car battery in active charging 3D dashboard rendering.
How Long to Expect Your EV Battery to Last
A photo illustration of an EV and logos of governmental agencies.
EV Ranges Explained: EPA, WLTP, and NEDC
A Ford Mustang Mach-E driving down a curved highway.
How Much Range You Need in Your EV
A gif showing how different temperatures impact EV battery power.
How Well Do EVs Work in Extreme Cold or Heat?
Tesla S Model battery modules linked together.
Can EV Batteries be Replaced or Upgraded?
Family loading up the EV for a road trip.
How to Plan a Road Trip With an EV
Illustration of 3 EVs using the three charging station levels.
Level 1 vs. Level 2 vs. Level 3 Charging Explained
Electric car instrument cluster showing charge status nearly full.
How Long Does it Take to Charge an EV?
Sample electric bill with $100 dollar bills on top.
EVs and Electric Bills: Myth vs. Fact
Types of Electric Vehicle Plugs
Every EV Charging Standard and Connector Type Explained
Electric vehicle charging sign on green painted pavement.
How Much Does It Cost to Charge an EV?
Mechanic standing in front of a blurred car in background.
EV Maintenance and Repairs 101
An illustration comparing Kilowatt-hours in a battery to gasoline in a gas can.
What Does an EV Battery’s Miles per KWh Number Mean?
James Marsden on Celebrity Joyride IOU watching as a vintage auto body is lowered onto a modern EV skateboard battery platform.
Can a Gasoline Vehicle Be Converted to an EV?
An EV home charging set up vs a public charging EV station photo illustration.
Is It Better to Charge My EV at Home or at a Public Charger?
Woman charging a red EV at home in her garage.
Charging Your EV at Home: Everything You Need to Know
An illustration showing how an EV can be charged wirelessly.
Yes, You Can Charge your EV Wirelessly & Here's How
Asian woman charging her car and holding leash for Golden Retriever.
Charging Your EV Away From Home: Everything You Need to Know
Girl with keys to first car.
9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy an EV
Pink piggy bank in front of a car tire.
EV Tax Credits & Rebates Explained
A sample EV Monroney sticker.
How to Read an EPA Fuel Economy Sticker for an EV
Illustration showing rows and rows of electric cars in different colors.
The Ultimate EV Shopping List
Brown envelope showing a stamp and the words Myth Busting
5 Reasons People Don't Buy EVs
Woman holding the words Buy or Lease in her hands.
Is It Smarter to Buy or Lease an EV?
Old and new written on signposts isolated on sunset background
8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Used EV